The other side

When friends pushed me to become a model my first reaction was: “I would rather stand behind the camera than in front of it.” Which was basically the truth. Ever since I was a little child I have loved photography. As 8-year old girl I used to take photos with my tiny, red, analogue camera.

One of the best things about the position of a model is that they can see how the real photographers work. I have never tried fashion photography before, so on a winter day a couple of months ago, I asked a friend of mine to shoot with me.

In the search for a location we ended up at the place where I used to come for orchestra rehearsels and violin lessons every week. The building used to be a municipal powerstation. Now it is the cultural centre of Dordrecht, where you will find theatre, ballet and a lot more. I like the industrial atmosphere in the building.

I tried different perspectives, so sometimes I was laying on the ground while other moments I was standing on stairs. It was quite hard to find the right light in Rebecca’s face and sometimes I had some difficulty capturing her eyes sharp in the photo. But I must say, I am happy with the results.







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