The ambitious Julie does it her way

The 25-year old Julie Pallesen is an ambitious model and blogger from Denmark. I met her at a shoot for Stradivarius in Barcelona. I noticed how open minded the easy talker was and got inspired by her personality.

We meet at a cute restaurant in Barcelona called Flax and Kale. ‘I am already there’, says her message. ‘Me too, I am inside’, I write back. ‘I am outside, in front of the church.’ As I walk towards the church I see a smiling girl on a terrace with her hand waving in the air.

Travel addiction
“I see so many things of the world. It inspires me. Travelling makes me strong”, tells the 25-year old when I ask her what she likes about her life as a model. “I see a lot of different cultures and meet so many different people. It makes you open your eyes.” She adds that she does not get this in her hometown Copenhagen. “Of course, my friends and family live there. But after I lived in Paris for one year, I got a little travel addicted.”

Open mindedness
“It is good to see different places. The way we grow up is a cultural thing, which is normal, but I see a huge difference between people who travel a lot and people who just stay in their own comfort zone. People who stay in their own narrow lifes, do not accept different facts and values that fast.”

With her blog This Way, Julie wants to inspire people by showing her readers all the places she visits and her way of living. She wants to show them her open mindedness. “I also want to expose people that if you work hard for things, you can reach things in life.” Working hard and staying positive, that is her way of living.

For a long time, the travel addict has been thinking about starting a blog. “I was looking for the right purpose to start, I did not want to force it”, she says after taking a sip from her macchiato with coconut milk. After working for a Danish magazine for six months, Julie suggested them to start a blog page on their website. “That was a good platform to start and after a year with them I went solo.”


This Way’s beauty products
Having a blog is a stimulating process for the Danish girl. “I am surprised how well it is going. I have readers from all over the world”, she pauses for a moment and then continues talking. “I actually want to grow more and I want to make This Way becoming its own label, like a brand.” Her ambitions become even more clear when she starts talking about her latest project.

The diligent model wants to sell her own beauty products on her blog. Julie wants to keep the products very natural, without using perfume. “I already started developing the products”, she explains. “It is a lot of work, but I am ready for it”, she says while eating her vegan burger. “I have finished university, I am ready for the next step.”

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