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I have to be honest I was not really in the mood for a testshoot. I wanted to spend my last day in Madrid with my roomie Chantelle. It was in the end of April when I did this test with photographer and filmmaker Alberto Saguar and make-up artist Lulu Pérez. It turned out so well and I am very happy I did this shoot.

The shoot was relaxed and fast. The location was Alberto’s appartment and we had some nice company (the cat from one of his roommates). In the background you could hear Alberto’s guilty pleasure song – not sure if I am allowed to say this – Me enamoré from Shakira. This testshoot now turned into an editorial & interview (with me for a change!) for Vein Magazine. I have translated it, so it might be easier for my non-spanish followers 😉


What were you like as a child?
I was a quiet, shy (but also communicative) girl. I was fan of K3 (a popgroup from Belgium for children), I read a lot of books (especially fairy tales), and I was always drawing or writing. My dream was to become a writer or an animal doctor.

What do you see yourself doing after your modeling career?
I started studying journalism in 2015 and then quit to try modeling. So after my modeling career I will go back to my study. Besides modeling I am still writing and interviewing for my blog.

What is your blog about?
I write about my experiences in the fashion industry. I interview people I meet and write articles and critical columns. I try to make people think and show that it is not all about glitter and gold.

I try to show people that it is not all about glitter and gold


What is something in your hometown you think every visitor should do or see?
I think there are a lot of nice places in my hometown to visit. Dordrecht is called ‘little Amsterdam’ because it is an old city with typical dutch terraced houses and we have a nice harbor. It is just more peaceful and smaller than Amsterdam.

What is one thing people may be surprised to find out about you?
That I am modeling! Because I was always very focused on school and I never liked being in the spotlights.

What were you doing before modeling and do you miss it:
Besides journalism I played in a youth orchestra (I play the violin) and did voluntary work at a small, local newspaper. I do miss it. Last kingsday I was at a festival and saw some students from journalism again. It was so nice to talk to them and hear the stories of what they were doing.


What is one subject you could talk about for at least five minutes?
I think I can talk about everything for more than five minutes, haha. But mostly I can talk a lot about modeling, my blog and journalism.

What was your best vacation?
My grandmothers family is from Indonesia so when my grandparents were married for 55 years (in 2012) we went for a month to Indonesia. We visited Sumatra, Java and Bali and it was my first travel outside Europe. I would love to go back!

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