Time flies when you are having fun

“Could you please take off your belt, sir?, asks an irritated stewardess to a man. The man does not seem to listen and walks further. Security gates begin to peep. “I asked you to take off your belt”, says the stewardess again this time with an angry tone in her voice. “Oh, are you getting agressive?”, shouts the man. I smile. I am in a good mood because it is Friday morning and I am going to London. I turn around once again and wave to my mom and a friend of mine. There I go again.

It is September 2016. I have just finished my first year of journalism. I found out that journalism is definitely my thing. I did a lot of writing during my study and also for the local newspaper in my neighbourhood. However, I have decided to take a gap year. When I began my study I had just started modeling. One year ahead I suddenly had agencies everywhere abroad.

One year ahead I suddenly had agencies everywhere abroad

Have you lost your mind?
It was my tutor who gave me the advice to give it a shot. “You are young, you can always study later”, was her comment. After the conversation with her I proposed it to my parents. Their reaction was the opposite of what I expected. I expected them to say things like: “Quit your study? Have you lost your mind?” But no, they actually reacted slightly positive. “Do you think you would like that?”, was the first reaction of my mother.

So, here I stand in Amsterdam. At the Schiphol Airport. I feel more comfortable every time I come here. I know my way at this airport and I am getting more used to all the travelling. My flight takes only 40 minutes. Travelling to London takes the same time as travelling from my home to university. In the most clumsy way – I am always having struggles with my luggage – I am walking to my gate.

London Fashionweek (Bora Aksu)

I am a bit early, but I like being early. Especially with flights. I hate it when I am super stressed and have to run to the gate. Like last May, when I travelled to London for journalism with a friend from my study. It was five o’clock in the morning and we were sitting in the car, 15 minutes away from Schiphol.

My friend suddenly looked at me with big eyes and said: “Do you have your passport?” “Of course I have my passport”, I said. “I think mine is still at your place, on the sofa.” And yes, it was. So, we had to call her dad and he came as soon as possible with her passport. The journey from my homecity to Amsterdam takes around one hour so he must have been driving really fast. After his arrival we had to run to catch the plane, but most important: we made it.

“I have been on a plane fourteen times this year”

This year I have been travelling the most in my life untill now, I was in a plane fourteen times. I have been to Barcelona, Milan, London and Paris. All places I had never visited before. My first flight was to Barcelona for a direct booking for Bershka. I was a bit nervous. The last time I had flown was in 2012 and I had never flown alone. I was scared that I would miss my plane or take the wrong one. Finding my way alone at a place I had never been before was also something new for me. Besides, I was not sure whether my English would be good enough because I never have to speak English in my hometown.

Bershka with my Hungarian friend Klarissza & Gucci editorial for Agapornis 

Little, dirty window
I take place at my seat in the plane and watch satisfied through the little, dirty window. My satifsfied feeling does not last long. In fact, it dissapears completely when my neighbour, a big woman, comes sitting next to me. She takes 20% of my seat. I can hear the woman gasping from walking too fast and I smell her sweat. I move as far as I can to the airplane window. Thank god this flight only takes one hour.

Thank god this flight only takes one hour

This was just a short version of my journey to London. There is a lot more to write about. I have met wonderful people, made a lot of new friends from all over the world, I have worked with great teams and I did a lot of cool shoots and a few shows. 2016 has really flown by. I am super excited what 2017 will bring and I wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Milan with friends & L’Officiel


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