Dear fashion industry

Dear agency,
I am sorry for not being such an outgoing person. Like the model from Brasil who came into the agency singing and laughing last week. She laughed like someone had just told a really good joke. Everybody in the agency seems to like her, or they act like they do. I was just wondering why she was laughing so loudly.

I am sorry for dressing differently than most models do. I started feeling a bit uncomfortable when I was the only girl at a casting wearing a floral blouse – which is almost my signature, according to some of my friends – while everybody was dressed in black. Of course, I wear black too, but I do not like to dress like most models do. I like my own style and black leather jackets and cool stuffed boots, for example, do not really match my personality.

Dear commercial client,
I am sorry for being too thin for most of the clothes. Sorry, that I made the normal jeans look like boyfriend jeans (luckily boyfriend jeans are the bomb right now) and that I did not have enough boobs to fill that beautiful dress. But as you know most models have size 34 or 36, so you could have expected that these jeans were too big for me if you give me a size 38.

Dear high fashion client,
I am sorry for eating that ice cream last night, oh and for the cake yesterday. But I enjoyed it so much. I try not to get too obsessed with food, I do not like it when I have to pay attention to everything I (can) eat. But still… I have to pay attention. I think all models are constantly thinking about what they can eat, how much a day and when. By this way of thinking we are already a bit obsessed with food. We are getting called fat with a hip of 90 centimeters; 89 is better and when we have a hip 88 everything is fine. Most of the time you do not see any difference if someone has a hip 90 or 88 (at least not at my body). It is how one of my modelfriends once said: “We get judged by some centimeters.”

Sorry, for not listening to everything people in this industry (for example photographers) tell me to do (like going topless). I am sorry that I will not become that person my agency sees in me: an outgoing, always enthousiastic person who dresses with the latest fashion trends. I will never become that person, because that is not the person I am. The person I am, is the person you hear now. I have always been like this, even though I am probably a bit stronger nowadays than before I started modeling). I am happy and comfortable the way I am now. And if you do not mind, I am wearing a floral skirt tomorrow.

Dear fashion industry,
Sorry, for disappointing you now and then. Sorry, for being myself. Sorry, for nothing.

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  1. Weer een mooi stuk en inderdaad, ben niet anders van je gewend met je vrolijke kleding. Als ik pip studio zie, denk ik Jacolijn.
    Gun het je enorm! Knappe meid!

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