Blisters & callbacks

Fifteen kilometres of walking, eight castings, two fittings, one new e-mail and two missed phone calls. Jup, it is Fashionweek. 

hello-thank you-goodbye castings
With a satisfied feeling I walk into Esselunga (a supermarket). Today was a nice day, busy but nice. Casting directors were friendly and I think a lot of clients liked me. Most of the castings were not like the typical hello-thank you for coming-goodbye castings. Of course, you never know if the client really likes you but a day like this makes me more happy and motivated. For me, Fashionweek means craziness; running around to make it to all the castings (mission impossible), checking my e-mail non stop, a lot of waiting at castings and going back to the agency when I run out of composit cards.

I stop in front of the grocery department. “I think I am going to make soup”, I mumble to myself. I did not really have time for lunch today, so I ate some muffins I got at a casting. Right now I want vegetables because I have to watch my measurements. Even though I am hearing my whole life that I am really slim, I am not always slim enough for modeling. So this is also what Fashionweek means to me: being perfectly in shape. Most of my roommates and a lot of other models I know are detoxing the weeks before Fashionweek. But during Fashionweek I eat a lot of junk food. Why? Because at almost every job we get junk food for lunch or dinner. I do not really understand why models get brownies, sandwhiches and donuts during jobs. I like sweets but it is such a contradiction: getting junk food and being super slim at the same time. It is frustrating. I will bring my own lunch with me next time.

It is such a contradiction: getting junk food and being super slim at the same time

Fashionweek Milan, Feb 2017. For Aujourlejour

With my veggies in my shopping basket I walk to the pay desk. I stand in line and my thoughts are somewhere else. My thoughts get interrupted by a familiar but also unknown sound. I realise it is coming out of my bag. Oh wait! It is my Italian Samsung (most fancy phone ever) I got from the agency. “Ciao dear, have you received my email?”, I hear a friendly voice saying at the other side. “Which one?”, I ask. “You have a callback now, run”, is the answer I get. Oh, great. No time for dinner right now.

“You have a callback now, run”

My Italian phone

Don’t worry, be happy
22:26 pm. Finally back in my appartment. The fitting took longer than I thought. I do not know if the client will book me. I tried six different outfits and the people at the fitting were not that enthusiastic. I am sitting on the edge of my bed. I take off my socks and look at my tired feet. I get a feeling of relief after I notice I do not have any new blisters. It is too late for dinner for me. I eat some crackers with cheese and jam and drink some tea. Time for bed. I open my email. Eleven castings tomorrow. My roommate Birthe starts singing: ‘Don’t worry, be happy.’

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